The new you is built on both the inside and the outside.
We recommend you to start by ordering your DNA reports.
Then reset your body and set it onto a new foundation!
In only 90 days you can create habits that last.
It is in your power. You can do it!

We are 70% water and it is important to start with water into our day
and to keep on hydrating us constantly, without exaggerating and flooding ourselves.
The water you are looking for should be alkaline, antioxidant and microbiologically pure.

Nature is an unquenched source of fruit and vegetables with miraculous benefits.
To enjoy all that nature has to offer us and to become the new you,
we recommend a four-step process:
knowledge | purity | maintaining | care

In a world, in which you are surrounded by companies and sellers who sell you products
that are ever more innovative and richer in real benefits,
your body needs to be the one which buys and not you.
That is why you need to know yourself.

But begin by having yourself tested for food intolerance and also tested for allergology.
It is important to know yourself well.

Once you know your body, get your focus on the miraculous fruits and plants
which extraordinary companies succeed to market in the form of:
pills, gels, essential oils or shakes.


It is recommended to go on a detoxification diet in order to be able to assimilate all these.
After such a body reset, all these wonderful products will do their job at their true potential.
Your consultant can support you here with their own recommendations.

This is the process which you will like most.
You know exactly what your body likes and if you have prepared it to receive what’s best
from nature, the range you can choose from is wide now. You will enjoy choosing.

Further down you have a table with all kinds of nature’s wonders with their extraordinary

The human body needs to burn ____ calories daily.
You can do this by daily monitoring your number of steps, it would be good that they are
more than 8,000 by disciplining yourself to do sports 30 minutes per day and twice a week
by having active relaxing activities like fitness, dancing, cycling or your favourite sport.

There are companies that can offer you electronic bracelets which monitor this activity
along with your vital signs, they even stimulate you financially to burn as many calories as
In this community, we regularly organize HEALTH CAMPS, where you get valuable
information, you gain very useful practical experiences and you surround yourself with
kindred people, with whom you gather beautiful memories and make lifelong friendships.

Are you familiar with the saying “if you put trash into it, trash will come out”?
This applies so very much to our minds.

If we know that all we put into our minds influences your wellbeing, your self-confidence
and your future accomplishments, then let’s reset the mind with positive ingredients, learn
how to avoid negative ingredients and take on this habit from now on.

“You are the average of the 5 people around you” is another saying that is just as true.
Knowing this truth too, we can decide whom we surround ourselves with. We can choose
to surround ourselves with people of value, and especially, we can also choose people
who also are on the same wavelength with us, people who are looking for.

Every 6-8 weeks you can meet a community of positive, solution-oriented people,
people who are looking, as a priority, for
health, happiness and youth at any age.
Further below, on the BOOK YOUR TICKET button, you can find
the programme of the next event.

pulse | blood pressure | sleep quality | calories | daily physical activity
All this can be monitored from your electronic bracelet.
Some companies even pay you to get out of your state of sedentarism.

Also with the aid of technology, today you can have
the multivitamins or face creams that are produced based on
the information provided by your DNA test.


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